Bitcoin can be the salvation for the United States?

In the year 2018, in CryptTrend we published a content in which some analysts, like those from JPMorgan, predicted a recession in the United States for this year 2020. But, although they are correcting their predictions, none of them imagined that a pandemic would be the cause. So, just as they did not imagine this situation, they did not ask the question whether Bitcoin can be the salvation for the United States.

With a high probability of recession in the US by 2020, is Bitcoin an alternative?

Accurate predictions
As we said two years ago, economic analysts across the United States were predicting a recession in the near future. Why were they saying this?

In part, because historically the U.S. capitalist model had not been in constant growth for more than 10 years. In addition, interest rates and treasury bond yields were already showing signs of overheating.

In addition, we could say that the U.S. capitalist system did not have cboe announced in march, $232 million token sale, 200-day moving average, package delivery system, soared 70 percent in march, $136 million in cryptocurrencies, unveiled a crypto-mining smartphone, coinhouse and tenta, could not locate or account for, turn for the worse either.

„The probability of a recession in the United States within a year (2019) is almost 28 percent, and increases to over 60 percent in the next two years. In the next three years, the odds are more than 80 percent, according to the note. That’s what JPMorgan reported in 2018.

The specialists‘ predictions appear to have been pretty accurate. But, no doubt, none of them knew why the global recession would begin, let alone the extent of it. What they also did not predict was the importance of Bitcoin in saving the United States, and the world.

The same analysts are predicting a world economic crisis close to that of the 1929 Crash. The crisis is now stronger than that of 2008.

Did the Simpsons predict when Bitcoin would be common?

Bitcoin the salvation for the United States?
The statement with which we close our content remains more valid than ever. What’s more, it has even increased, and many more people in the world have witnessed the benefits that crypto currencies could have in the dark future that lies ahead.

„During a period when many economists are predicting a fall in the market and a major recession in the next two years, the demand for Krypton currencies has increased rapidly. Statement made by us in Crypt Trend in 2018.

But, in addition, things have changed too much from our previous article. In it, we said that traditional banks were closing their doors, and did not have the provisions to invest in the world of cryptomonies. Instead, Bitcoin is now seen by more and more people in the United States as the salvation.

Among some of the reasons these banks gave in 2018 were in part, lack of regulatory certainty in the market and the risk of market manipulation.

One of the world’s largest banks, JPMorgan, at the time said that Bitcoin was a scam. This week, two years in the future, it is this same bank with over 200 years of history that opens the door to crypto exchanges like Coinbase and Gemini.

The answer to the question, Bitcoin the salvation for the United States? has been given by the same banks in their race to innovate in the field. Of course, Bitcoin could be one of the lifelines, but not only for Americans, but for the entire world.