Black Rocks Go Live in NFT Nuthouse: Soothing Crypto Investments or Not?

• A physical pigeon-inspired NFT was presented in Paris Fashion Week.
• OpenSea’s monthly NFT trading volume has decreased by 23%.
• A BlackRock-themed NFT collection is now available on OpenSea.

NFTs Making Waves: Pigeon Poop-Based NFT

A physical pigeon-inspired Non-fungible Token (NFT) was presented at Paris Fashion Week. The limited edition 9dcc x Stapleverse “pigeon crap baseball hat” can be redeemed for a physical item via an NFT, which works similarly to the Proof of Attendance Protocol often used in real life events.

OpenSea Trading Volume Plunges

OpenSea’s monthly NFT trading volume has dropped by 23%. Despite this, digital art collector Gmoney is still dishing out digital autographs and setting up the crypto luxury art house 9dcc.

Black Rocks Go Live on OpenSea

When BlackRock declared they would be applying for the inaugural Bitcoin ETF, fan-made Black Rocks were released on OpenSea with a floor price of 0.23 Ethereum (ETH). On July 22, 2023, 68 sales were made from this collection.

Saturated Market Inspires Creativity

The saturated market of non-fungible tokens could inspire digital artists to go over the top and create unique items for purchase with cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. Creative ideas such as the “pigeon crap baseball hat” demonstrate how far these ideas can go, pushing the boundaries of what a digital asset can become when combined with blockchain technology.


Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are based on principles of uniqueness and rareness and have been pushed to new heights with creative ideas like the “pigeon crap baseball hat” presented at Paris Fashion Week. Although trading volumes have dipped recently due to increased competition in the market, Black Rock themed NFTs remain popular among collectors looking for innovative ways to use their cryptocurrencies.