Donald Trump NFTs Soar After Super Bowl Clash with Rihanna

• Donald Trump NFTs hit a new all-time high after the former president’s clash with Rihanna during the Super Bowl.
• Trump Digital Trading Cards are surging in price due to a grand jury probe of Mar-A-Lago and Twitter comeback rumors.
• The lowest priced NFT from the collection coinciding with the Mar-a-Lago scandal sells for over $1,000.

Donald Trump NFTs Soar After Super Bowl Clash with Rihanna

After his public spat with Rihanna during the NFL Super Bowl, Donald Trump’s Digital Trading Cards (TRUMP) NFT reached an all-time high of 0.676 Ethereum (ETH), driving up its floor price to $1018 USD per card. A grand jury is currently probing into potential mishandling of documents from Mar-A-Lago and fans speculate that he may make a return to Twitter soon, further adding to the hype surrounding his NFTs.

Trump Prizes Sweepstakes

The initial sale of 45,000 TRUMP NFTs grossed $6.5 million on their first weekend but prices later plummeted until Donald Trump reentered the NFT world with “Trump Prizes” – a sweepstakes collection that offers Zoom calls for as little as $25. Now these cards have become one of Polygon’s top trending collections and are setting new records in terms of floor prices.

Mar-a-Lago Scandal Raises Floor Price

The lowest priced card within this collection is #29522 which features Trump standing proud at Mar-a-Lago – his privately acquired national historic landmark in Palm Beach, Florida – amidst an ongoing investigation into potential mishandling of documents inside this property. This basic card would set buyers back by $1,020 USD and has racked up 272 ETH in daily trading volume so far through 410 sales.

Rihanna Reigns Supreme Despite Trump’s Outburst

Donald Trump lashed out at Rihanna after her performance at this year’s Super Bowl but couldn’t stop her rise to fame – or that of his own digital trading cards which saw a surge in activity on OpenSea shortly afterwards when Jimmy Fallon mockingly referenced them on Saturday Night Live .


All this controversy has driven up prices for Donald Trump’s Digital Trading Cards and placed them amongst Polygon’s top trending collections today – whether it will remain there remains to be seen however!