Elon Musk’s Tweet Sends Aptos Soaring 15%: Crypto Traders Rejoice!

• Aptos (APT) surged 15% after Elon Musk’s short-lived tweet.
• Ethereum (ETH) and Dogecoin (DOGE) also gained double digits on the daily charts.
• Elon Musk recently roasted a BBC journalist in an awkward interview.

Musk Effect: Aptos Soars 15%

Aptos (APT) gained nearly 15% in minutes after Elon Musk’s quickly deleted AI tweet. Twitter recently partnered with eToro to launch in-app crypto trading, and Dogecoin reclaimed the $0.09 support after Musk’s BBC interview, further stimulating the crypto community on Twitter. At press time, Aptos is trading at $12.88 according to CoinGecko, slightly dropping below the daily high of $13.40 but outperforming both Ethereum and Dogecoin with its 15% gains.

$1M Bet Signals Altcoin Season

The bull run is led by Bitcoin (BTC), but many crypto traders are wondering when altcoins will begin to take off as well. Shapella upgrade for Ethereum (ETH) was launched smoothly today and broke $2,100 for the first time since May 2022; this success is followed by Aptos and Dogecoin inking double digits on the daily charts. Elon Musk has also bet one million dogecoins to find an allegedly inherited emerald mine which pushed DOGE back up to its key resistance line at $0.09.

Elon ‚The Dogefather‘ Musk Does It Again

Elon Musk has done it again – he unintentionally catapulted the emerging altcoin Aptos back to the $13 price range with his three abbreviation tweet: „AI APT OTT!“. The intention was not exactly crypto-related, but mentioning APT was enough for an instantaneous bull rally amongst traders who were already excited about recent developments such as Twitter partnering with eToro for in-app crypto trading and Shapella upgrade for Ethereum breaking its all-time high since May 2022.

Musk Roasts BBC Journalist

In related news, Elon Musk recently roasted a BBC journalist during an interview that received immense backlash on Crypto Twitter due to how ill-prepared James Clayton was while interviewing him regarding hate speech on Twitter post his takeover of the company. When asked for examples of such hate speech, Clayton couldn’t come up with any which made it even more cringe-inducing when he ran out of questions at the end of what seemed like a very one sided conversation!


Overall, this week has been full of excitement within the crypto world as Bitcoin continues its bull run while altcoins are catching up thanks to new developments such as Shapella upgrade and partnerships between entities like Twitter and eToro enabling easier access into cryptocurrencies than ever before! We can only hope that this momentum continues as we look forward to seeing even more positive news from within our community!