SEC’s Coinbase Action Stirs Frustration: Ripple CTO Questions Motives

• Ripple CTO David Schwartz has voiced frustration and disappointment towards the SEC’s recent enforcement action against Coinbase.
• The Howey test has become a complex issue in determining whether tokens act as securities, leading to criticism from some members of the crypto industry.
• In response, Coinbase has stated its commitment to working with regulators to create “reasonable crypto rules” for the industry.

Ripple CTO Criticizes SEC

Ripple executive David Schwartz recently voiced his frustration and disappointment towards the SEC’s recent enforcement action against Coinbase. He suggested that the agency’s motives may be driven by incompetence or a desire to protect insiders and early investors, and questioned their application of the Howey test when determining whether tokens act as securities. This led to criticism from some XRP enthusiasts and other members of the crypto community.

Howey Test Complexity

The complexity of the Howey test has been highlighted by Ripple CTO David Schwartz, who noted that even top securities lawyers at major law firms struggle to determine how it applies to many tokens, including Ethereum (ETH), the second-largest cryptocurrency. Former blockchain lead at Meta, David Marcus also pointed out that applying this test is not straightforward due to its complexity.

Disappointment Towards Crypto Industry

Schwartz expressed disappointment with the lack of unity displayed by the crypto industry when Ripple was under fire which he believes weakened it as a whole. Similarly, members of the XRP community expressed dissatisfaction with this situation due to their lack of support for Ripple during this period.

Coinbase Fights Back

In response to these events, Coinbase reaffirmed its commitment towards working with regulators in order to create “reasonable crypto rules” for all participants within this space. This statement stands in stark contrast with previous attitudes displayed by some sections of the crypto community who have been critical about regulatory oversight since its inception in 2009.


The SEC’s actions towards Coinbase have prompted criticism from both Ripple executives and other members within the crypto community, who are questioning their true intentions behind these enforcement actions as well their application of existing regulations such as the Howey Test which is seen as an extremely complex subject matter for many people involved within this space. Despite this negative sentiment amongst some participants, Coinbase remains committed towards working together with regulators in order establish reasonable rules that benefit everyone involved within this space moving forward.