Shibarium L2 Hits 50K Wallets: $BONE Soars as $PEPE Drops 20%

• Shibarium L2 mainnet relaunched and can now be publicly tracked.
• Gas fee token $BONE grows as rival $PEPE drops by 20%.
• Smoothly Running Shibarium Awakens BONE, increasing its price by 6.6%.

Shibarium L2 Mainnet Relaunches

The Shibarium Layer-2 mainnet has been restarted and is now available to the public for tracking. This marks a significant increase in speeds (1500%) and more validators have been added to ensure smooth operations. The blockchain explorer,, has resumed tracking the 100,905 transactions that took place on August 24th, 2023, with an average block production speed of five seconds at the time of writing.

Gas Fee Token $BONE Grows

Gas fee token $BONE reacted positively to this news and saw its price surge by 6.6%, trading at a price of $1.44 at the time of writing with a weekly growth of 15.7%. This makes it occupy 102nd spot on CoinGecko’s global crypto market cap list. On-chain signals turned bearish however, with a slight dip in large transactions and net network growth being observed as well.

Smoothly Running Shibarium Awakens BONE

The smoothly running mainnet has resulted in increased activity for the gas fee token BONE which is expected to continue growing along with an increased usage of Layer-2 solutions provided by Shibarium’s technology stack. With more scalability options on offer than ever before, this could lead to increased adoption rates from developers who wish to use these options for their projects or platforms built on top of Ethereum’s blockchain technology.

Shiba Inu Token Price Remains Stable

Despite all the positive developments concerning Layer-2 scaling solutions provided by Shibariam, Shiba Inu’s native token hasn’t seen much movement in terms of price with it currently changing hands at 0% change within 24 hours according to CoinGecko’s data .


The restarted Shibarium Layer- 2 mainnet promises scalability solutions previously not available due to its technical hiccups during launch that stuck 1.8 million ETH and BONE tokens worth of value from being processed properly . With two extra validators onboard and a 1500% scale rise speed up , the future looks bright for both SHIB Army members as well as those looking to make use of Layer- 2 solutions delivered by Shibariam’s technology stack .