Trump Cards Soar 22%, Ex-Prez Indicted on 30 Business Fraud Charges

• Manhattan Grand Jury officially indicted Donald Trump on over 30 counts of business fraud.
• Following the news, Trump Cards NFT floor price soared by 22%, making it worth ten times more than the initial $99.
• Trump Card NFT collection has a market cap of $48 million now and is stored on Polygon (MATIC).

Manhattan Grand Jury Indicts Donald Trump

A Manhattan Grand Jury has officially indicted Donald Trump on over 30 counts of business fraud, including the hush money payment to adult film star Stormy Daniels. This unprecedented legal action is the first case in which an ex-US President has been indicted on criminal charges, and it sparked activity in the NFT market.

Trump Cards NFT Floor Price Soars

The grand jury indictment of Trump sent shockwaves throughout the world and resulted in a surge in trading volume for his famed Trump Cards NFT collection. The current floor price of 0.595 Ethereum (ETH) represents a tenfold increase from its original price of $99, giving it a market cap of $48 million by itself. The collection is also stored on Polygon (MATIC), with a remade version that includes sweepstakes related to Donald himself.

Trump Denies Allegations

Donald denied all allegations against him and said he will fight them in court. However, he faces huge legal trouble as details about the NY indictment have not yet been disclosed – they were done under seal – but we do know that mysterious witness provided significant proof during their 30 minute speech at the hearing.

Trump Supporters Push His NFTs

Trump’s supporters are pushing his cause forward by investing heavily into his NFTs, with 105 Ethereum (ETH) being traded since the news – equivalent to $189,000 – proving how popular this digital asset still is even after years of investigations into his personal dealings. Many enthusiasts see these cards as great trading opportunities while some owners view them as relics that commemorate their hero’s accomplishments before he was elected President in 2016.


The indictment against Donald Trump is likely to galvanize critics and embolden supporters alike as they await further developments in one of America’s most extraordinary cases involving a former President facing criminal charges for alleged business fraud activities. While many are concerned about what comes next for Donald, investors continue to reap rewards from his famous Trump Cards NFT collection which now stands at an impressive value of $48 million dollars thanks to increased trading activity following the grand jury hearing announcement.