Voltaire To Ignite Cardano’s Long-Awaited Breakout?

• Cardano’s Age of Voltaire will make the network fully decentralized and self-sustaining.
• The price of ADA has failed to sustain increases following network updates, causing holders to remain „Out of the Money“.
• Despite this, community optimism is growing as Total Value Locked (TVL) rises 20% per month.

Cardano’s Age of Voltaire

Cardano is rolling out developments in preparation for its final move towards becoming self-sustaining and fully decentralized: the upcoming Age of Voltaire. If successful, this anticipated stage of the network’s evolution could drive a surge in demand for its native cryptocurrency ADA.

ADA Price & Beyond

Despite recent positive news such as BTC being wrapped on Cardano, ADA prices have dropped 14.99% this month after reaching $0.40 for the first time in 2023 in mid-February. At present, ADA is trading at $0.32 with a 2.98% decrease over 24 hours. Nonetheless, other metrics indicate sustainable growth throughout 2023 – Total Value Locked (TVL) has grown by 20% monthly to 358 million ADA according to one notable community member.

Community Optimism

Community members remain optimistic about Cardano’s future prospects despite ongoing price drops and losses for holders being “Out Of The Money” (OTM). For instance, popular Twitter user @ADAWhale reported that if TVL continues to grow by 20%, it could reach 1 billion ADA ($3 billion USD) if it reaches its all-time high again soon. Furthermore, traders note that outside money is now flowing into Cardano markets despite low volumes at present – indicating potential exponential growth ahead when more attention comes onto the project..

Will Voltaire Catalyze Breakout?

With all these developments happening around Cardano preparing for Voltaire, will we see a long awaited breakout from ADA? It remains to be seen whether or not these improvements and features will lead to sustainable increases in price or merely short term spikes with no real long term value gains following suit—only time will tell whether or not Cardano can finally rally in response to Voltaire and beyond!


In conclusion, although there have been signs of sustainable growth surrounding Cardano’s ecosystem including rising TVL figures and new features rolling out before Voltaire launches – it remains unclear whether this momentum will translate into sustained demand pushing up prices for its native cryptocurrency ADA or simply cause temporary spikes without any real long term value gains following suit..